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I am a 5th year tattoo artist tattooing out of The Gold Room Tattoo in beautiful Grandview Ohio. We are a private, appointment only tattoo studio. At this stage in my tattooing career, my main focus has been directed to large scale black and grey tattoos. Whether it be realistic, traditional, or stylized. I am also interested in traditional and Japanese style tattoos, depending on the subject matter. I have long been a very fast tattoo artist, and relied on high volume and hourly pricing to get by. This process has been very hard to keep up on, and looking to the future I am wanting to dial in my tattoo process and mainly focus on my larger pieces. Lowering volume, and really trying to give a great one on one experience. 


Given the fact that every tattoo is vastly different, along with the body location, size and style, it is very difficult to estimate tattoo cost. Working on large scale tattoos generally requires multiple, or one long sitting and a large amount of prep time. I typically do one tattoo a day, this allows me to have some consistency in my schedule and prepare for appointments better. For reference, most full sleeves take me 10 -15 hours. Front or back forearm 3 - 5 hours, upper half sleeve or chest piece 5 - 7 hours. Times will obviously differ from piece to piece. I am also willing to do certain smaller tattoos depending on the subject matter. I accept PayPal, cash, and Venmo. My rate is $200/hr. 


My main requirement before booking is to keep an open mind, I like to be given a small guideline to work with. Tattoos are a very unique craft, some ideas work, and some just plain don't. I like to hear a general idea of what you'd like, and use my best judgment to create a unique, and  beautiful tattoo for you. 

E-mail me at and include the following. Please, no direct messages or text messages. 


- A detailed description of what you would like.

- Specific things you would NOT like to be included in the tattoo.

- Desired style and color pallet. 

- Description of where the tattoo will go, and a picture of the area. 

- At least 2 or more reference images to help describe what you would like visually, and why you like each one. 

- To help minimize no shows, I do require a deposit to be taken. 

           - Sub 2 hour appointments will require a $100 deposit. 

           - Anything over 2 hour appointments will require a $200 deposit. 

           - Deposits will be taken off of the tattoo.

- Deposit payments must be sent to PayPal @ the day the tattoo is booked. 


After your e mail is sent, I will follow up with a link to book, and any surrounding information I have about your tattoo. 


In person consults are limited due to Covid-19, but if you would feel more comfortable approaching your tattoo with this method, please include this information in your e mail. 


My Approach
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